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"I really thank myself for choosing life alive. Before I join here I was in a dilemma, but now I am feeling happy that I choose a proper place to be fit & healthy. Also I feel very relaxed in Zerona. I would like to thank Dr.Sunitha for being my role model to reduce my weight. Everyone use to tell me that I am not fat but when I look at myself in the mirror I feel bad about myself. After I met Dr.Sunitha I decided she is the right person I was searching for. In my life time I have never had salad, soup & fruits, but now my food system has completely changed. Now a days I hate to have south Indian or Junk food. I lost of Inches & weight after following the diet & my face is glowing. Thank you Very much.

Client Testimonials

"It has been a wonderful experience with Dr.Sunitha and Life alive Clinic. Appreciate Dr.Sunitha for the effort, she has taken to put up a clinic which has solution to weight problem like mine. I am feeling so light and fresh and got my self esteem back.I thank her whole heartedly everybody knows about the diet & exercise that one need to follow but way in which Dr.Sunitha puts it across and convinces one is motivated to follow. I did that and I see the result. Big thank you and wish you good luck."

Client Testimonials

"I tried many means and methods to reduce my weight but could not achieve any simple targets. But after visiting life alive and received the right medical prescription, I reduced my weight about 5-6 kgs within 3 months, what else is required to gain confidence & its the best evidence I ever have. "

Client Testimonials

Six months before I looked fat, especially my belly area and my hemoglobin count was very low. For some reason I decided after seeing some information about Zerona through internet I started looking into it. In Chennai I found "Life Alive" and after calling, I went there. Dr.Sunitha Ravi did a nice presentation and I decided to try the process. This isn't not cheap for me, but compared to other fat reducing treatments, the cost was much less. And since there is no surgery involved or recover time, I felt the cost was even more reasonable. I felt pretty comfortable with what the procedure involved. Have to say, losing 1 and 1/2 inches off my belly area made an incredible difference on how I looked. Just incredible results! I'm so happy with the way my body looks! Dr.Sunitha Ravi really care about whole body health. Thanks a lot! Now every time I look in the mirror I'm proud that I'm becoming slimmer and healthier. My body is much more proportionate and while I still have more weight and inches to go, this made a positive impact on how I look! Thanks to Dr.Deepak Chaturvedi for making me energetic and healthy. Thanks a lot to Dr.Sunitha Ravi! How caring Dr treated me and how amazing her staffs Mrs.Ramya & Mrs.Karpagam works! Thanks a lot to Mrs.Meena for keeping the rooms very tidy. Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! I wouldn't get lasered anywhere else, "LIFE ALIVE" THE BEST.

Mrs.J R
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Iron deficiency can cause weight gain, as it makes metabolism sluggish leading to lethargy.